10 ways to overcome NaNoWriMo procrastination

Another great post about writing from Dylan! I enjoy reading his blog (even though I should be NaNoWriMoing right now…).

Suffolk Scribblings


It’s just over the halfway point for those masochists lucky souls taking part in NaNoWriMo and while some participants are reeling off thousands of words a day, many of you (I say you because why are you reading this otherwise?) have hit a wall. Your initial enthusiasm has diminished, you’ve started to question whether the once incredible idea you had has any merit and you are left wondering why you ever bothered starting in the first place. But you’ve committed to the damn thing and you want to finish, so each day you turn on your computer ready to work. Then it hits. Something catches your eye and the next thing you know it’s midnight and all you’ve done is watch giggling babies on YouTube.

You are not alone. This happens to all writers, NaNo or no NaNo. To help, here are my 10 top tips to overcome procrastination (warning: some of these are less…

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